OKER’s Second Manufacturing Foundation in Huizhou City

Since 2012, Shenzhen has called for the construction of an environmentally friendly city. As an enterprise that supports environmental protection, OKER decided to invest in a more better also environmental production base.


In 2015, OKER has completed the relocation of the manufacturing foundation from Shenzhen to Huizhou City. The Shenzhen manufacturing foundation no longer retains the production department but retains the Foreign Trade department (HAMDEY). 

Because it was built in different cities, OKER had to give a new name to its second manufacturing foundation. Lastly, OKER gave the name HUIZHOU XINGHE INDUSTRIAL CO., LTD. 

Customers may wonder why OKER is not in Shenzhen, and this is the reason that why OKER in Huizhou City. Actually, OKER is equal to XINGHE. XINGHE is equal to OKER.

Hope this article can explain your doubts.


December 29th, 2023