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Shenzhen OKER Tape Co., Ltd.

With 25 years of expertise as a leading sealing tape manufacturer, OKER has evolved from a small team to a prominent factory, proudly owning established brands OKER and SUPERKING. Our journey reflects a commitment to quality and growth. As OKER strive to become a century-old brand,  it will working hard to adhere to quality and service.

  • 1999


    Oker was established in ShenZhen city.

  • 2003

    Oker has its own production base in ShenZhen.



  • 2008


    Oker began to look forward to the international market.

  • 2013

    Oker invested in a new production base in HuiZhou City.



  • 2016


    HAMDEY was established. Oker completed the migration of production operations from Shenzhen to Huizhou

  • 2099

    OKER becomes a century-old brand.



Verified Premium Supplier

Over the course of 20 years of development,OKER have cultivated a wealth of experience,solidifying our reputation as a trusted and reliable entity in the industry. Possessing its own expansive land and a comprehensive array of production machines, the commitment to the quality, positions us as a verified premium supplier.

Mature Export Experience

 OKER has established a mature supply chain for its product and services, ensuring the stability and efficiency of operation. It’s due to this factor that OKER is able to establish a long-term and stable cooperative relationship with customer.

High Production Efficiency

OKER has always insisted on improving the quality of sealing tape, from film blowing, releasing to gluing, cutting and other production are controlled by itself. It also greatly improves production efficiency.

High Quality Manufacturing

OKER is committed to providing the highest quality products through the inspection of raw material, inspection of machines, supervision of production and finished product testing to ensure that the final product meets quality standards and provides guarantees for customers.

Strive to Adhere to Quality and Service

At all stages of production and service, OKER always regard “QUALITY” as the highest standard. Through strict quality control and continuous improvement, ensure that the product meets customer’s expectation. At the same time, OKER committed to providing high-quality service to customers.

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